Monday, November 7, 2011

Destino Final - Atrapados LP

Artist: Destino Final
Album: Atrapados LP
Year: 2009
Label: La Vida Es Un Mus Discos

1. ¿Donde Estan?
2. ¿Qué Vas A Hacer?
3. Atrapados
4. Laberinto I
5. Laberinto II
6. Ahogate
7. Este Dolor
8. Cuenta Atras
9. Volver A Empezar

This LP came out a couple years ago, but I just recently re-discovered how great it is.  Destino Final hails from Spain and, from what I've gathered, was formed by former members of renown Spanish hardcore band Invasiรณn.  Like some other Spanish hardcore bands I've heard, this band has a d-beat vibe, but at the same time they sort of don't. There is some definite Discharge influence, but the band's sound is in no way any sort of crust-rehash.  

From the first screech of feedback, this record is totally intense and pulverizing all the way through.  Where I would say Destino Final differs from their contemporaries is that they sometimes deviate from the high-speed, rocked-out d-beat parts in exchange for a brutish, slow pulse that is SUPER tough.  The vocals that soar over-top this straightforward wall of sound are overly reverbed out, providing this washy ambiance over the whole mix.  The difference between the music and the vocals provides a really interesting contrast.  Another reason why this record is so great from start to finish is because of the flow of the tracks. In particular the tracks that sort of run together like Laberinto I and Laberinto II, where part 1 is one of the faster songs on the record and part 2 is this long, drawn out mid-tempo chant that closes the first side of the LP.

I've heard that Destino Final is currently working on a new LP for next year and I'll be excited to see if they can top this one.  But for now, I highly recommend checking this record out.  Also, if you want to get the LP, I'm pretty sure the label still has copies, and also Sorry State still has some in their distro.