Thursday, August 22, 2013

MUCH WORSE tour 2013

Hey everyone,
Just chiming in about my whereabouts and what I've been up to this year. I'm doing my first tour with Minneapolis' MUCH WORSE and we are set to play my first show with them tonight. So far, so good. I've spent a lot of time and resources to pool into this project, which involved booking about half the dates with countless emails and phone calls, and moving everything out of my apartment, as well as put everything in Raleigh on the back burner.

Amongst borrowing several different drum parts from all sorts of friends in Minneapolis, we pieced together a great drumset thanks to a lot of Max's friends, including Steven, the orig. drummer of Much Worse. Logan went through three bass heads like goldilocks and the porridge, and Ben had to fix his amp as well. Thoroughly, I've studied the material and practiced with the band a full three times or so. Steven gave me a handful of pointers but seems happy with what I was doing. I'm a perfectionist, and I have to play these songs well enough to do Much Worse justice. Max bought a bad ass van and we are going to have VCR + Super Nintendo in it. I'm leaving for tour with a whopping $70 to scrounge on, I'm certain everything is going to work out great, and literally have no worries about it. All of the contacts in the cities on tour have been very helpful, even with venue struggles in today's world of DIY hardcore in the US.

For all you who have kept up with me down south, Much Worse will have a leg full of shows all over the east coast, among which to include two dates in North Carolina, and three dates in Florida. I will post the dates in the next day or two for sure.

Thanks all!