Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Blackball- Live @ Prisma Video, Raleigh, NC 3/1/15

Blackball is a new Raleigh/VA hardcore band that is absolutely killing it from only the two shows I've seen them play thus far. Twice, I have taken a break at work just to roll down to Sorry State Records and bug Jeff to play this demo for me start to finish. I literally have freaked out the entire two times I've heard the rough mixes of this demo. A couple of the songs are already stuck in my head, in full anticipation of what's going to probably be my favorite demo in years.

The vocals by Richmond's Ericka Kingston belt out like a venomous war machine, placed atop the songs with concise strategy and fury. The drumming by Anthony Williams is exactly measured out, and delivered with brute force, tastefully. It's clear that 100% of this band is obsessed with Out Cold, Poison Idea, Government Warning etc., except the riffing is layered on with Jeff Young's chorus sounding sunnO))) amplification and David Gallagher's invincible downstrokes. That kind of guitar playing they do has a feel of Articles of Faith meets A Place in the Sun era YDI, and early Riistetyt. Christophe Bequet from the almighty and defunct Abuse. makes an appearance on bass, and couldn't be a better fit for the section. Both shows, I noticed he played a couple feet standing behind the drummer Anthony, as he would watch closely, holding the root notes down, tight and professional. He literally doesn't miss a single note. Blackball holds together as tight as their absolutely great previous acts they've played in such as Last Words, Future Binds, Crooked Teeth etc., but the best word for this band is "evolution". The cover they played in the set was originally done by Dutch hardcore band Nog Watt, who is also a very fitting influence from the sounds of their set. I have no idea what to expect from Blackball next, but I feel like this band will be a primetime Raleigh hardcore staple and I pray they go on full out world tour so that everyone in the world can freak out to them like I did the other night. I'm on the edge of my seat to get a copy of their demo.

Things not to expect: blast beats and dumb breakdowns.
Things to expect: a furiously blazing demo promised to get worn out in your tape player

--Ira Rogers

Live video here: Blackball- Live @ Prisma Video 3/1/2015: Filmed by Megan Gallagher


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