Friday, November 28, 2014

MUCH WORSE tour video 2013

This is a video I put together from my first tour with Minneapolis hardcore quartet MUCH WORSE.

We did another tour in 2014, and you can expect to see a video from that around the time of the release of our new LP. We did a five song tape before we left for tour that I will find a way to include in the next post. We are counting down about 3 weeks remaining until we hit the studio to record an entire 12 new songs. The tour tape and this upcoming LP are my first releases with them, and maybe first of many. It's been a good run, and I plan to return to Minneapolis in the spring-time to finish up some more possible tours and definitely a lot of great shows with the new material, which we are all very excited about. Anyways, this video is pretty cool, and is worth checking out if you've got 27 minutes to watch a cool DIY HC video.

Tour video from 2013

Much more, very soon!