Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Greetings all,
Before I describe bits of making our new LP, I'll attempt to briefly describe the privilege of one of my favorite modern drummers in America, the one and only Joe B (Question, Condominium, Cognitive Dissonance + long history of killer punk), approaching me only a couple of months after I had moved to the twin cities in 2015. That summer, while staying up until 7:30am, listening to THIS PERFECT RECORD and other great hardcore punk records after a SKEMATA show with Jeff Young, he approached me to tell me that he would very soon be moving to Brooklyn, and thus sought me as his replacement of the drumkit after having heard some of my material. "Dude, it has you're style written all over it, you got this!", or something like that, is in the ballpark of what he said to me. Knowing him, I was just floored he would even ask me, especially since I was the new guy in town.

At first, upon agreeing to do it, I hesitated to practice with them until I could get in shape to even perform the songs so I could do justice for the insane pacing set forth by Joe's mastered style.  (if you don't believe me, then check out the Geiger Counter- Fear Tomorrow Demo HERE with Joe B on drums!!)

Grueling practice after practice in my space for two straight months to slowly pick the speed of the full-triple-note-discharge-beat up, I arrived to my first practice with Geiger Counter in September of 2015. "You're playing these songs really really really really fast," they'd tell me. I felt a sigh of relief, knowing I could actually pull this stuff off. It had felt like climbing a mountain to get my d-beat speed there to that point.

In all reality, I was scared to death to play these songs live, or even follow the demo with an LP. The demo was raw as hell and in my opinion it was just too good. How in the hell do I follow this? 

In performing several shows and some brief midwest tours, getting to know these guys has been prolific to say the least. Their insane work ethic with music, records, and early morning practicing speaks such a fluent language to me. On top of the practices, I'm having to ride a bike or a skateboard with my cymbal bags, snare drum, kick pedal, and backpack with recording gear. Will Henke always has new records from the other side of the world to show everyone, nearly every time we hang out. Not to mention that his record label is hit-after-hit of killer hardcore punk releases. It's definitely worth checking out.

After a year and a half of writing this record and performing live with this band, we set up to record the LP in January of 2017 with Matt Castore. Easily one of my favorite recording sessions ever. Just went in and out and played the songs like butter, and Matt contributed to process in such a constructive way. He allowed me to be a goofball in his basement, probably something most people aren't used to.

Will, Kalvin and Charlie, collectively work hard to make sure the lyrics match the dark aesthetic of the bands sound, and reminisce of William Gibson novels meets futuristic dystopian poetry. To me, I'm highly impressed by the lyrical content (Posted below). The song structures are highly intuitive and slick to run through. Just fast and loud and it gets the job done. A real treat to play drums on. Our good friend Cole, a prolific Minneapolis noise artist, contributed to the special sound design of our LP. 

Our record release show was last Friday and it was filmed by myself and many friends. We performed live with Cole, and he was an excellent contributor to the set. I successfully played through the set with an injured leg, because this music and lifestyle tends to push the human threshold. In the very near future, keep an eye out for the footage to be finished soon on my new video channel, where I will be airing several edited videos very soon.

Before I link the record with the lyrics/art, I must first give a special thanks to one of my best friends in the universe, Jeffrey Truckenmiller for allowing me to borrow ALL OF HIS CYMBALS during recording this session. This past January I had completely ran out of money from visiting folks or the holidays, and thus ran out of usable cymbals. Jeff is a guy who believes in his friends, and is so kind to everyone. A very animated character. Believe me when I say it; that dude absolutely FUCKING RULES.
Will Henke- bass/vocals/artwork
Kalvin Kinzer- guitar/vocals
Charlie Holtz- guitar/vocals
Ira Rogers- drums
Joe B- artwork
GEIGER COUNTER- S/T LP streaming NOW on Harakiri Diat
Available now through Desolate Records (USA) and Phobia Records (Europe)

Thanks for tuning in.