Sunday, April 19, 2015

Life Crisis- Unpeaceful Protest EP

The velocity of this 7" beast matches the intensity and cutthroat tempos done by predecessors such as The Neos or Koro. This San Diego hardcore punk group is 80's revival style hardcore punk band done kind of perfectly in this frame of time. Most of the lyrical content focus on political state and current events for around the time the record came out (2005?). Definitely a step ahead of its time. Very broad and nothing too specific, and definitely nothing personal in the lyrics at all, giving it another fine touch in its accessibility. The production of this EP is outstanding, actually. It's simply recorded, relying on the simple fact that the entire thing is audible and hits hard. Frantic guitars kept in frame just well enough to make the songs have hooks and feel "right".

The transition between the first song (Slave) and second song (For What?) is that which will have you rewinding and possibly punching a wall. Especially the best notes are in the tempo changes you'll find in the song Warstarters. Unbelievably on point and absolutely ripping. I think I've seen this in record stores go for like $2 or $3, yet when you actually put this thing on, it's a blazing eye opener. This is kick ass American hardcore.

Would love to see any of these members in some new bands, or perhaps get ahold of some unreleased material from this band. From what I can tell, this is their only release. But it's kind of how Koro's 700 Club EP might be in the sense, that everything you need to know about what they're putting together is all crammed into one slam dunk of an EP.

Download as .zip