Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Extortion- Terminal Cancer 7" EP

Short Fuse Records / Way Back When Records
I can't find any website for Short Fuse. Hopefully this guy has like 500 of them sitting under his bed or something, because this EP can be kind of hard to get a hold of.
http://www.waybackwhenrecords.com/ (I suggest signing up for the mailing list so you can get info on the distro and wholesale information. WBW Recs still put out new stuff, so keep in touch with them if you're interested in preorders and cool shit like that)

Track List:
1- Worthless Life
2- Just A Matter of Time
3- Cut Short
4- Who Cares
5- Monstrosity
6- Cornered
7- Libidinous Grandmother
8- Isolated
9- Control
10- Unknown Track
11- Trainwreck

I'm going to start my range of record rants and blogging with one of the most powerful 7inches in my collection. From Melbourne, Australia, Extortion's Terminal Cancer EP is by far the definition of everything I've ever wanted to hear in a no-bullshit-hardcore record. If any of you have ever toured through Raleigh, or any of you locals have come over to my house to listen to records with me, the chances of me having already showed you this record is very likely. On the insert it shows all of the frantically pissed off lyrics, which are surprisingly clear in the mud mix of this record. By "mud mix", I definitely mean to point out that this record was recorded on a simple tape recorder. As it reads on the insert "Recorded on a Yamaha MT3X in a room-- RAW AS PISS", and shows a picture of the recorder with two microphones laying next to it. That's the coolest fucking way to record anything, period, and probably took nearly no time at all.

The lyrics laid out are very straight-forward, with a large vent of frustrations, and are all belted out with immense youth-like force. Tight guitar riffing and simultaneous bass guitar, with some of the most abrasive patterns known in all of hardcore. The drum sound on this recording is completely uncompressed and giant. A ton of natural and unedited reverb gives it way to totally explode all over your fucking stereo system. The style of the drums and the riffs are taken from simple formats, yet are performed faster than hell at perfection. The breakdowns are slowed down to a crawl, and when switched back and forth with the opposite fast parts, if you decide to headbang to it, you would definitely break your neck, with the unpredictable transitions and firm stops. Every riff feels like it was cut in half during the writing process, giving leeway to fit the blistering 11 songs on this EP. Not one single fuck up, not one weak link, and not one piece of disappointment exist on this record, that is, if you are searching for an instant abrasive power-violence hardcore classic. It's SO not metal, and that might be why I feel so much more inclined to flip it over and over again.

This record is often overlooked and underestimated, which is exactly why I'm posting it first out of all of my upcoming write ups. It's that fucking great. This summer, I get to see Extortion live at Chaos in Tejas, and they are, in my opinion, one of the strongest lings on that bill. Other bands on the fest that I'm stoked on are Low Threat Profile, Youth of Today, Kriegshog, Larm, Doom and even fucking Crazy Spirit. I'm going to freak out when I see Extortion live. It'd be fucking great to see this band play Raleigh some day; everyone needs to hear this fucking record.


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