Sunday, February 26, 2012

Vile Discourse presents: DEMO-lish demo tape label. 4 new releases.

DEMOlish is a music label created by one half of Vile Discourse in order to focus exclusively on releasing demo tapes. The goal of DEMOlish is to highlight material from brand new bands as quickly as possible. 

So far DEMOlish has:
DML-01 - Lung Matter - First Demo
DML-02 - Abuse. - Demo 2012
DML-03 - Last Words - Tied Demo
DML-04 - Mad Dog - Demo 2012

They're going to run out quick. Get in touch @

Currently have Lung Matter and Last Words tapes available.  Look out for more Abuse. tapes and Mad Dog tapes in the next few weeks.

Hoping to have an actual website at some point, but also look out for DEMOlish releases for purchase on Sorry State pretty soon.

Also: lot's of March shows coming up, check next post!

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