Thursday, May 17, 2012

Infección Demo OUT NOW on DEMOlish

DEMOlish's fourth release is really something special.  Entitled "Tanto Sexo, Tanta Gonnorea", this demo tape is the first release from Raleigh's newest killer band.  Infección features members from many other great North Carolina punk/hardcore bands, including Brain F≠, Whatever Brains, Logic Problem, Devour, Double Negative, and a whole slew of others. 

Originally inspired by the tough yet catchy sound of newer Spanish punk bands like Sudor and Silla Electrica, Infección's sound quickly grew to incorporate numerous other influences, including full-bore noisy hardcore, big melodic punk a la Naked Raygun, and even a little 60s garage stomp. Seven originals, all distinctly different from one another, and a Kinks cover.

You can listen to and download the demo here:  DEMOlish Bandcamp

To buy the actual demo tape, go here: BUY THE TAPE

Dubbed on cool orange tapes with hand-screened j-cards.  

Get 'em while you can. These are already going fast!


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