Saturday, February 26, 2011

Skitkids // Nightmare Split 7" EP

Artists: Skitkids (a-side) & Nightmare (b-side)
Year: 2007
Label: Hate Records
1- Skitkids- Äckliga jävlar
2- Skitkids- Inskränkt Å trygg
3- Nightmare- Ruin on Parade & Light the Darkness

When Seth Beard was broke out of money, I feel like I totally intruded his record collectionby snagging this record from him for a few bucks. Before I owned it, I would go to his house and look for this record in particular just because I knew he had it. When he did catch up, I did eventually give him his Bastard 12" bootleg back, but I hid this one in the depths of my room and almost put a machine gun turret next to it because I never want to lose this record.

The A-side begins with Sweden's SKITKIDS; a lukewarm bass tone creeps in laying out the concrete for the massive amount of guitar and drum traffic that will rampage this piece of wax. The drums come in at a gruesome pace and a high volume production. Then rhythm guitar invades, which all leads you to believe that this is how loud this record's about to be. Suddenly, like a nuclear blast, your speakers will face an enormous threat that is the next part of the song where every instrument explodes, and this pissed off Swedish dude begins yelling like no one I've ever heard before. So much can be said about the intro to this record, but the best that can be said about the entire thing, start to finish, is that it absolutely does not leave any room to breathe and suffocates you entirely with frantic hardcore energy, and does not once slow down or calm down at all. Prepare to face the assault that is this entire record. When the guitar solo comes in, it also feels like that might be the max volume you'll hear of it, but then after a couple of stops and a punchy re-intro, you hear a massive burst of energy from the guitars, just slamming in unison. At the end of the first song, it gives you less than half a second to think about what you just heard, and then kicks back in with the drum roll into the next song which is just as hellish as the first. This is definitely the best thing ever recorded by SKITKIDS... two songs in four minutes.

Then flip to the b-side, and scramble your brain with a disturbing rumble. The NIGHTMARE side of this record is a complete frenzy. The instrument recordings are very blown out and the drumming is tight where it needs to be and get's real loose during the breaks, and flows up and down from both, defining evolved Japanese hardcore at it's best. This is hard as fuck, that's all that really needs to be said. Imagine drumming that makes GAUZE seem technical, NAPALM DEATH's bass tone, and a sinister and throat slicing guitar tone that will make you trash your room and break things. You can throw your death metal CDs in the trash can now, because NIGHTMARE makes that shit look like Bruce Springsteen or something. I highly recommend not listening to a rip of this record if you are driving down a highway; you would become the most frantic driver ever.

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