Saturday, February 26, 2011

Socialcide- Sick of the Pressure EP 7"

Year: 2005
Artist: Socialcide
Album: Sick of the Pressure EP
Label: Self-released
What the fuck!! Talk about the definition of "this record fucking rips" all put into 7inches of thrusting hardcore punk angst. When I first heard this record, I could not believe what I was hearing. This is straight up HARDCORE. It's got this pen sketch cover that just says the name and title in bold lettering with a picture of a house in a field. I have no idea how this works, but it sure looks like a hardcore record.

Hailing from Richmond, VA's almighty hardcore scene of the late 2000's, this band is an essential piece of that puzzle. I've seen them live about 5 times, and it's always a wall of noise pounding me against the wall. These kids really know hardcore.

 I can be fairly brief about this one, because telling you anything beyond, "holy shit you have to hear this fucking record" would probably be past the point. This is some of the tightest hardcore punk around nowadays. It's got the punchy riffs of bands like Government Warning except this is way faster, almost powerviolence speed, but paced well enough to be "perfect". It avoids sounding metal by all means, making it even more awesome. This captures the bands energy at their finest, and this is their best release ever.

Also, I told him I would get the word out. Since I'm blogging about SOCIALCIDE, the singer of this band, Zach, is actually moving to Raleigh this summer. If you're looking for a rad roommate, you should hit him up.


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