Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lung Matter - Demo 2011

Artist: Lung Matter
Album: First Demo
Year: 2011
Label: Self-released

1. No More
2. Wrong Turn
3. Rebuttal
4. War Crimes
5. Pollution
6. Bar Junkies
7. Drug Fashion

First release from this brand new Raleigh band.  Lung Matter plays a brand of hardcore that is somewhat straight ahead, but also relies fairly heavily on sort of tough, but not over-the-top, breakdowns and mid-tempo parts.  While the ethic and message of the band isn't overly focused or explicit, there is some definite influence of straight edge hardcore.

This demo was apparently recorded live all in one session in late September of this year.  Not bad considering a couple of the members are still in high school!   Very cool stuff. Check it out.

At the time of this posting, the band still has copies of the cassette available.  It will probably be in distros later on. 

Contact Lung Matter directly:


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