Friday, October 28, 2011

Out Cold- Planned Accidents EP

My favorite hardcore band of all time hits one out of the ballpark with this infectious and quick EP. This band defines all that is just a straight up, bullshit-less hardcore punk band. No fashion, no gimmicks, and no fucking politics. Mark Sheehan delivers vocals like a punch in the face, and scripts lyrical message that's not too far from the 80's hardcore style, yet it's genuinely pissed off. Every time I throw this record on the turn table I want to smash everything in sight.

The track "Golden Age of Psychobabble" slides right in and out, makes a point, thrusts hard as shit and ends in less than a minute. Flip the record over to hear "People Like You", and after the first pause, you might feel like putting a hole in a wall. This is by far one of my favorite releases by Out Cold. Other ones to look out for are "Will Attacked If Provoked" and "Goodbye Cruel World", both of which will probably get posted on this website sooner or later.

I love this band because in the 90's and early 00's, no one gave a fuck about hardcore, and they just kept playing it. Other 80's hc bands went on to do more experimental projects or sell out, etc. This band just kept playing genuinely pissed off hardcore punk, and never swayed apart from that in the two decades that they were a band.

RIP Mark Sheehan

Download Here
Acme Records (put out this record)
Kangaroo Records (put out all of their other shit)

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